Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Damn...Finally My Prayers are Answered.

I see that the esteemed personage of Jerry Foulwell has passed away. He always said to pray for what we want. It took about 25 years but he finally pulled the croak chain. Praise Gawd.
There was something vaguely wandering in my head. I finally Identified what it was. The old song from the Wizard of Oz came to mind....Ding-Dong the wicked witch is dead replays over and over again in my mind.
So much for this advocate of the "Moronic Majority"
I hope he enjoys his time in the Djinn bottle in the vestibule of hell. If he ever gets out he'll have to take the trip across the river Styx. Thus deeper into hell as he deserves.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fools In Our Midst

I see by reading posts and message boards that there are many people out there who support George W. Bush and his policies. I find this amazing. We have an impaired child in charge of our country. I also have found some things that show how many people feel about Mr.Bush and his propaganda machine. Say it softly folks, Faux News.

Most of the bushies will argue this as they are obviously brain washed. I'm thinking it was a very small wash load. It doesnt take much to launder peas.
I cannot understand the thinking behind this obsession. Just what power has this administration gained that they can dictate how we think?
Is it an element of fear? They say we must fear the "Terrorists".
It looks to me like the "Terrorists" accomplished just what they wanted with the Trade Center attack....they have caused us to live in constant fear of assault. This has been propagated and encouraged by the Bush administration. It gave Bush/Cheney an excuse to exercise the control over this nation they desired.
The bushies claim we haven't had an attack since the WTC because of what George bush has done. That is a false premise and a stupid idea.
They have not attacked because they have herded us into a panic behaviour that suits their purposes and they do not need to do so. Safe for the terrorists and bad for the American people.
George Bush said we should not change our way of life to accommodate terror. The thing that gives lie to this is the "Patriot Act". It changed our way of life a whole crap load.
The whole story of this administration is one big long tale of deception and misdirection calculated to frighten the American people so they will depend on the benevolence of the Masters(Bush Etc.) to protect them.
The war we should be fighting is in Afghanistan. This is where the threat to us came from. We have no business fighting a civil war in Iraq.
All I can derive from looking at the Bush administration is that we should impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. They are both criminals who have lied to the American people. They have started a war on false premises because they lied about pre-war intelligence. They are complicit in giving no-bid contracts to companies that they have close association with.
Just how much does it take to make the dumb-shit American people realize they have been screwed hard?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Fools Trash Talking.

Well isn't it just wonderful for CNN, MSNbc and other media outlets that Don Imus screwed up. He is and has been a frigging idiot for years.
I'll move to another fool. Al Sharpton. He is and has been a frigging idiot for years.
Now you take both of these friggin idiots and put them together to "Face Off" and you get a media circus.
And this means what as far as the condition of our nation is concerned? I know Imus made a "Racist comment". Yes he did and he should be slapped hard for it. And at the same time I think Sharpton has a reason and a right to reply.
I do think however we have more important issues facing us at this time. I am not saying racism is not an issue that is important, I am saying this is not the way to deal with it.
For shit sake how can you find two people more disconnected from the people that live in this nation? Unless maybe you throw in Sean Hannity, Lew Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly. Then one has a whole pile of idiots.
All of these people have also made racist comments and inferences as far as I have seen. Why are we not pounding them as badly? Is the MSM trying to cover it's own ass? You bet they are, because there are many of them out there that if their rhetoric was looked at it would constitute racism. It may not be white against black...maybe other races come into this as well.
I note that Sharpton comes off defending black people. How about the Mexican, Pakistani, Indian, Native American, French, Scots, Irish, Namibian, Balinese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai people who might not agree with this trash?
Who speaks for these unheard-people? Sharpton surely does not, neither does Imus, nor Hannity, nor Dobbs, nor O'Reilly. These "Commentators" only seem to care for their own fame and money, just like most politicians do. Same old shit I think.
If one can think then one might well draw a conclusion from this.
None of these people speak for me and they certainly do not know where I come from.
I have a reason for calling them all idiots. It's because I think they are. Most are proof that if you buy a four year education for an Idiot, then you get an educated Idiot. No smarter but with a high dollar education. So there are a whole lot of Parents out there that can die and rest in peace and know that they raised Idiots.
Sorry, sometimes the world sucks. And you never taught your children anything except your own false prejudices.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Dumber Than A Stump Updated

In my post on April 2, 2007 I asked if Nevada was dumber than a stump. The primary reason for this was the fact that we as an electorate body had elected Jim Gibbons as Governor. I will say again, for the record, I did not vote for this sad little human, however it seems many people in this state did so. Hence the stump reference. As in dumber than a stump.
Now we have to listen to another Monkey Boy tell us why we should keep getting our troops killed in a war we should not be fighting. We have to hear just how this Monkey will not "Compromise" and how he will "Stay The Course". My god....How much more do we need to realize that George W. Bush is leading us down the road to defeat as sure as Bonaparte led the French into a military disaster.
Maybe a lot of the people in this country are dumber than a stump too. They keep supporting this fool don't they?
Support our troops yes, I will until my last breath. Support the open ended mission they have been asked to work with...I will not.
If you keep kissing GWB's ass then you really are dumber than a stump.
I was trying to think that my home country was not full of purile idiots, but it seems I have been in error about that.
If one has mistaken the lies of the last six years for "leadership" then one must really be an ignorant fool. This has not been "leadership" but the work of an administration that is bent on domination.
So if you do not wish to be dominated by Christian fundametals for the remains of your life I would suggest you take a close look at what you vote for.
Then again, you all may be dumber than a stump. I am thinking this is the rule not the execption.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Is Nevada Dumber Than A Stump?

Well it seems as a state electoral body yes we are. I personally did not vote for Jim Gibbons, however enough people in this state did so to elect him Governor.
It seems Mr. Gibbons learned his political skills from the current Republican administration in Washington and he holds left over fantasies about "The good old days" when Nixon's my way or the highway philosophy held sway.
This man seems to think anyone whom might not be like himself is stupid. I think he is in error about this.
I refuse to believe all of his trash about he can't get anything done because of all the people that don't like him or speak negatively about his programs.
My thought is that if that many people disagree with one's agenda and conduct then just maybe there is something wrong with one's agenda and or conduct.
Mr. Gibbons seems to want to cry "Whaaaaa" every ones picking on me. Kind of like some spoiled child might. This is not very dignified as the Governor of our State.
Mr. Gibbons chose his path and now he needs to live with it.
If I choose to dislike him for reasons of my own it is my own choice. It is not his choice to blame me or others whom might think as I do for his own faults and downfalls.
I don't even know Mr. Gibbons. How can he claim that if I disagree with his policies or speak out against him that I have harmed him? It is no more than the same political disagreement he has had with many other opponents. Again "Whaaaa" I'm a victim. Nice try try but it does not fly.
Having lived in Washington, at our expense I might add, for many years one would think Mr. Gibbons might have just a little bit more political acumen than he indicates. And just for some of you out there... no he is not the "Simple Country Boy" he wishes to portray.
If any of you believe that crap he spews out, I have several things I can sell off. All are really lovely and at a good price too. I just talked to The Queen and got a hell of a bargain on the Crown Jewels. Cash only no checks or credit.
It seems that answers my question. Yes a large part of this Silver State is still stuck in the Bronze age. Gibbons was elected. Dumber than a stump.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

McCain in Baghdad

BAGHDAD -- After a heavily guarded trip to a Baghdad market, Sen. John McCain insisted Sunday that a U.S.-Iraqi security crackdown in the capital was working and said Americans lacked a "full picture" of the progress. The U.S. military later reported six soldiers were killed in roadside bombings southwest of Baghdad.
I'd really like to know what happened to riding around the city in an un-armoured Hummer? Has McCain proved his own rhetoric to be the worst kind of horse shit? It surely seems so from my point of view.
Not only was he very wrong about the security in Baghdad, he goes to Baghdad and puts more of our troops in harm's way to guard his sorry worthless effort to rally support for his Presidential election bid. McCain is all most as much of an asshole as his buddy George Bush.
This might be funny if real people weren't being killed to prove him wrong. This fucking jerk-off is trying to make political points on the backs of our dead and wounded soldiers as well as the dead and wounded people of Iraq.
Screw McCain, he is a worn out tired old man. He lives in the fantasy world of Washington and seems to have no idea of what the real world is any more. I think his post-traumatic stress is worse than he admits to. Or he is just a freaking nut.
Either way I look at it I do not want this man to even come close to the office of President.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Things Getting Better In Iraq?

I see from the news today that 152 people have been killed in one bombing. According to the news services this is the most individuals killed in a single bombing to date.
I am going to go out on a limb here and say the troop surge is not working.
The Bushies love to point out how much "progress" has been made. What fucking progress? The violence has moved to places our troops are not.
What a surprise. If any one has any thinks this is progress they are sadly mistaken. The insurgents have relocated their efforts to avoid contact with American troops. Why do you think Tal-Afar was targeted?
All said and done they still have civil war and we need to remove ourselves from this as soon as possible.
George W. Bush has been and will continue to be a strategic and tactical idiot. He thinks none of this shit is related to him. It's all someone else's fault.
This man, if one chooses to call him that, has avoided accepting any responsibility for any thing. It's easy to put the blame on everything except his own poor choices. And there is no doubt that he has made many poor choices.
Many American voters need to realize they too made a poor choice in voting this puerile idiot into office a second time.
I know for a fact that 48% of American voters gave this sorry excuse for a human their vote. All of them should be ashamed for that choice.
I also note that his approval ratings are falling somewhat below that 48 number. I wonder why?
Could it be that he is lying pile of shit? Maybe it's because he has to smoke Dick Cheney's pole? or Exxon-Mobile? Hell maybe he's even trying to cover for his pals in the Justice Department.
All this is speculation of course, and I could be wrong, though I think not.
We seem to have a lying, squint eye, ignorant, sawed off little fuck-nuts for a President.